The Hesitant Husband Reunited, Book One By Mae Hanley

The-Hesitant-Husband-Generic (1)The Hesitant Husband Reunited, Book One By Mae Hanley

Waking up with a strange man in his bed has never happened. It’s an impossibility. Not only is there a man in his bed, he’s turning Alex on. Stirring a desire to explore the feeling he hasn’t felt in over a decade, and would never act upon. After all, Alex isstraight. Isn’t he?

Jacob has loved Alex since high school. As a closeted youth, he never acted on his attraction to his best friend, and then they lost touch when he moved away for college. But a decade later, he sees Alex across the room in a crowded Vegas bar. Jacob refused to lose the love of his life again and in a drunken stupor proposed.

Now the two men must work through their issues and desires to achieve the happiness neither thought they’d have; to be reunited as they were destined to be.