The Estates

The Estates is gated community is located in St. Johns county Florida (Between Ponte Vedra, FL and St Augustine, FL). It is set in the woods, hidden from humans. There is only one road in and out and connects to US 1/Dixie hwy named Estates Rd. and is hidden from the human eye, by a spell, unless they know what to look for. The road expands for about 2 miles before reaching a gate house and stone wall.

There are three neighborhoods in The Estates, a business center that includes the KISS building and jail, a shopping center, 2 schools, hospital, and a community center with waterpark. There is an underground system that mirrors the streets. Each house and building has access to the underground. There are golf carts available for residents to move quickly through the tunnels. The underground makes it easy for the paranormal beings that have sun allergies.

The Estates is just one of many para communities around the world.


The Enforcement Bodies


The Council

A panel Elders that represents each species to govern the paranormal. Their law is nation-wide. Home base is a secret and they keeping moving the location. Elders live in any of the para communities.


KISS (Kensington Investigation & Security Services)

  • Main focus is on the paranormal laws and safety. Although they do provide services for the humans as well. There is a couple of human informants that work in the human law enforcement that also work for KISS. this makes it easy to cover up para activity.
  • KISS is run by the Kensington Family, who only report to and take orders from the paranormal council.
  • There are three types of groups within KISS: Enforcers, Nightborn Teams, and Arrowfire Teams (see below for details).


Elders – the oldest members of the paranormal races. They are the law makers and act like a council.


Enforcers – usually age 17 and up. They are the police, assassins, protectors, and the last person you want to see show up. Also, they are the team leads for the Nightborn and Arrowfire teams.


Nightborn Teams – Are teams of hunters, ages 17 and up. They are usually creatures of the night and are the strongest in strength and power.

Arrowfire Teams – Usually age 13-21 because their job is to blend into the human world to scout out rogue behavior—the investigative teams. They blend in better because they don’t run the risk of people noticing they aren’t aging. Because they (mostly vamps and shifters) don’t stop growing and maturing until the age 21-25.


Note: Arrowfire teams are talked about more in the YA spin off shared world, Hallowridge.


The paras


Witches – more human-like than any of the paras. The can perform spells and create potions and charms. Some may possess one or more specific gifts and/or powers, although it is rare.

Warlocks – The dark counterparts of witches. There aren’t very many of them left because the vampires did a population control a few centuries ago. If you need a villain for a vampire story (or others) a warlock would be a good bet. They governing bodied is called the Circle.


  • Vampires of not dead or undead or soulless. They are a subspecies of demon. Living, breathing, immortal beings.
  • They can reproduce (have babies) and eat regular food.
  • The only way to kill a vamp is to cut off their head or set them on fire.
  • They are hyper sensitive to sunlight. But don’t burst into flames at contact with the sun’s rays. They tend to sleep during the day (at least most of them). They can go out during the day, but would need some kind of magically enhanced sunblock or layers of clothes. (Keep in mind we are in Florida and it is very humid and warm 3 seasons of the year).
  • They can teleport to places they’ve been before or know the general location.
  • Vamp children – they are not born with their fangs. They go through the transformation from age 16 – 18. Some have been known to trans earlier and some later.
  • The blood issue: They can feed from other vamps and humans. because of the laws of secrecy, they chose to feed off other vamps or those who know about them. It’s NEVER done without permission.
  • Once a vamp goes through the trans, they are paired with a blood partner. This is someone chosen by the parents/guardian that is there form them to teach them and give them blood when they need it. Blood Partners can be the same age, but best if they have already gone through the change.

The Gifted – Vampires with warlock or witches blood with unlimited magic/powers. No one knows how many are still alive. The vampires protect them at all costs. The warlocks want them for their power. Many Gifted have a specific “gift” in addition to their god-like powers. Not all witch/vamp hybrids are gifted.

Wares – Human with an animal soul within. They can change to the animal at will. Not ruled by the moon, but their power is stronger during the full moon. They can be born a were or be changed into one by a bite during the mating. They are limited to one turn each and it’s usually reserved for their ture mates.

Shape-shifters – (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM A WARE) Any paranormal being or human with the magical ability to shifter into any form at will. No limit on changing.

Demons – Many are nightwalkers and can’t go out in the sunlight. Their powers are specific to their bloodline and the type of demon they are. Subgenres of demons are left to the authors’ creativity.



Writing in the world

  • Genre: Paranormal romance
  • Subgenres: LGBT, reverse harem, fantasy, multi-partners, and more
  • Word count: 10K or more
  • The residents of The Estates can be shifters, demons, fae, vampires, mythical creatures, and any other non-human species.
  • Stories in this world should be set in or around The Estates. One or both MCs should live in the community or have a friend or relative that does. Whether the characters live in the Estates at the end is up to the author.


Submitting your proposal

What to submit:

  • a short synopsis (500-1000 words) of your story
  • A write up on how it will fit in the world
  • if you plan on doing a mini-series and the plan for future books.

Email the above to with the subject line THE ESTATES SHARED WORLD PROPOSAL-[Book title] by [Author Name]