The Beach House

The Beach HouseThe Beach House

Follow four couples’ journey as they find love where they least expect it.

At the beach.

By LK Shaw, Tmonique Stephens, Christa Ann, and Bria Aragon

Lifelong friends take a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as part of their annual get-together. While at the beach house, they find so much more than they expected. Love. And for some, a second chance.

All four stories are BRAND new, never before published with strong military heroes and the women who dare to love them.

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A look inside…

A Second Chance at Love by LK Shaw ~ Kyle Harper and Callie Foster, both suffering from a different kind of heartache, meet during a chance encounter. Sparks fly, but each has a past they’d like to forget. Can two broken hearts be healed after a lifetime of pain?

Twice in a Lifetime by Tmonique Stephens ~ A few days at the beach with her wild girlfriends is exactly what Liana Walters needed. Sun, sand, a tan, and drinks with little umbrellas. No stress. No worries. No cheating boyfriend. No pending breakup. Just perfect weather and the ocean. She didn’t think she had to include no ex-husbands on the list.

The Storm Within by Christa Ann ~ Trevor sees Skye and everything in him tells him she’s the one. Skye can’t get past the dog tags and doesn’t want to get involved with anyone in the military. Her heart overrides her brain and demands her to trust. Can they both overcome their issues to give this relationship a try? Will Trevor re-enlist or stay in? Can Skye return to work and trust Trevor?

Who’s Lovin’ Who? by Bria Aragon ~ Journey Duval and Dondre Collins are reinventing their relationship as they attend separate reunions in Myrtle Beach. Sexy fun is interrupted by the one who turned their lives upside down in the first place: Kamryn Woods, their former love. Will her shocking news undermine everything, or can this fractured trio learn to live happily ever after?