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We are currently taking submissions for all genres of romance and urban fantasy. We’re looking for stories 20,000 words or more with strong characters and engaging plots that leave readers begging for more. Series are a plus. Each story must have a happily ever after (HEA) or a happy for now (HFN) ending.



Open general submissions

  • Contemporary: small town romance, romantic suspense, military, and more
  • Histroical romance
  • Paranormal: vampires, shifters (wolves, bears, dragons, and big cats), witches, gargoyles, and more
  • Sci-Fi romance: Aliens in space, on earth, and anywhere in between.
  • Gothic romance: a blend of contemporary and paranormal with mystery, suspense, and a gothic theme.
  • Erotic romance: Romance must be the main plot and the sex molten hot.
  • Urban fantasy: Must have a HFN ending with just enough hook to capture readers’ attention
  • New Adult: Coming of age. Both main characters are of legal consenting age (18 and older). One of the main characters has to be between 18-26 years old and is entering the “real adult world” or college for the first. Each story should have a life lesson of some kind.
  • Reverse Harem: One girl and 3 or more guys. The guys will have to love her enough to share her with the others. They can’t make her choose just one. She is the center of their world and do anything to protect her and keep her happy.
  • Other: Mix up the genres and feel free to be creative, fresh, and different.


Send your query along with the a 1-3 page synopsis and the full manuscript as attachments (do not paste them in the email) to with the subject: Submission – [book title] by [author name]

Feel free to send questions to


Open Submissions for our Specialty Lines

Open call for Anthologies

Open call for Multi-author shared worlds

YA authors submit to our sister imprint Opal Moon Press



Note: At this time we are not accepting inspirational romances.


Our Submission Format guidelines:

  • Font: Times Roman 12pt
  • POV use three asterisk (***)
  • scene breaks use an line space (by hitting enter/return)
  • double space
  • set indention to .5


Note: After Glows does not accept submissions that contain illegal sexual acts, bestiality (including un-shifted/shifted shapeshifter combinations), incest, pedophilia, glorified racial intolerance, necrophilia, or graphic rape.

Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for future anthologies at