Sharpening His Broken Talon

Living Arts, book 2

By River Mitchell


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For years, Talon Parker lived in a whirlpool of pain and silence. Forever feeling lonely, but never allowing anyone to get too close. He’s stuck and drowning.

The move across the country was the fresh start he’d always wanted. The chance to leave the pain and his past behind. He should have known that it would never be that easy. Thrust into a loud and brash but loving family, Talon’s life is suddenly opened up to new and often unwanted scary and painful situations.

Tate Cartwright never expected the change his life would take upon meeting his foster brother and best friend’s new family. Luckily, he was never one to run away from a challenge and was always ready to face any obstacle with a smile on his face. Digging in, he prepares for the fight of his life because he knows that no matter the struggles, what is at the end of the tunnel will be worth the trouble.

The saying “Stronger together, than apart” could not be more accurate for what Talon and Tate are about to face. Are they strong enough to survive it or will history repeat itself?