Sentry Shared World


Sentry is a company set up to protect humans when no one else can. The biggest rule of Sentry is that no one knows who owns the company or how it came to be. It can lead to some contentious moments between the Sentinels and the Guardians, but it is for the greater good. There are two divisions to it. Sentinels and Guardians. The Sentinels send the information for a case to a Guardian, and they go in to rectify the situation.


If you are interested in writing for the Sentry Series, please fill out the following form and submit for consideration.
Included are sections specific for: book synopsis, blurb and character backgrounds, descriptions.
There is also a section to note if you plan to pitch to an existing sub-series or wish to create one.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a shared-world series, all proposals/pitches will be reviewed by the acquiring team to ensure it fits the parameters of the series. Some submissions may require revisions in order to be accepted.

Please review the SENTRY MULIT-AUTHOR SERIES outline and rules found by CLICKING HERE to be sure  you meet the world and proposal guidelines.


Then click on the Google form link below.

Sentry Series Pitch/Proposal Form