Seducing the Assassin by Sorcha Mowbray 

Seducing-the-Assassin-GenericSeducing the Assassin
Sorcha Mowbray
The Market, Book 1

In New Victorian London, where steam and electricity vie for dominion, prostitution is now a legitimate profession. Assassination still is not. This complicates life somewhat for Jo Stanton in her double guise as Madame La Roux, proprietress of London’s most fashionable brothel, and the Clockwork Widow, assassin for the crown. But when she receives orders to eliminate the Earl of Melton, things get much more complicated indeed.

A former solider, recalled from a life he loved to take his father’s seat as a peer of the realm, John Griffin, now Earl of Melton, has secrets of his own. Engaged in covert steam experimentation and delicate political machinations, he’s carefully maintaining a balance that’s up-ended by the beautiful woman who’s been sent to kill him.

As their roles and identities unravel, Jo and Griff must work together to figure out who subverted Jo’s network. Packed with intrigue, brawls, kidnappings, and airship battles, things quickly get steamy between Jo and Griff in this exciting, alternate Steam Age erotic adventure.