Neon Nights by Bryony Kayn

Neon Nights-HighRes

Fiercely independent and haunted by secrets, Jake is back in town. She learned to survive on her own terms a long time ago, but the Neon Club is the only real home she’s ever known. Returning brings her right back into Steve’s orbit. The man turns heads wherever he goes. Talented, famous, and sexy as hell, he can have any woman he wants but he only wants her—at least that’s what he always claims.

Their intense, tumultuous, and often dark relationship defined them both until Jake walked away. Back in Hollywood to reclaim her life, she discovers just how much has changed—and stayed the same in her absence. Steve’s band Blackstone has become a massive success and they are living the high life. But he still wants her, and still doesn’t take no for an answer.

Even though time and circumstances change, in some ways people never do. Jake has to choose between being a possession and survival, and whether she can break free of the past to build a future.

Welcome to a world of bright lights and deep shadows, of enduring friendships and devastating betrayal. Where lust heats the air, love is only a shade away from hate, and the only way to end the day is with Neon Nights.

**Warning contains triggers of domestic violence, emotional abuse, and fighting.


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