Mentoring & Coaching Services

A service for aspiring, newly published, and seasoned authors that will guide you into the business of being an author. Services range from writing that first book to publishing and marketing it.

Prices vary from client to client and is based off their needs and the manuscript’s word count.

Al la carte:

  • Chapter by chapter critiques ($2 per page)
  • Developmental editing strengthen you weaknesses and enhance your strengths ($0.015 per word, includes 2 passes. Please note that in many cases a 3rd round is needed)
  • Query letter, Synopsis, book copy(blurb) critiques ($25 each or $60 for all three)
  • Beta reading ($0.005 per word)
  • Getting started on Social media and marketing your book (Free with any paid service, or contact us for an estimate as a standalone service)


Packages – these packages can be customized based on the author’s needs. Price will vary per author. All packages include lifetime support:

  • Traditional publishing coaching: 2 items from the al la carte list, research guidance for finding an agent or publisher, getting started on Social media and marketing your book (Starts at $350)
  • Self-publishing coaching: Developmental edits, Query/synopsis/blurb critiques, figuring out which book platform is right for you and getting your them set up, hitting the publishing button, getting started on Social media and marketing your book (starts at $450.)


** These services are FREE for those who sign a publishing contract with After Glows Publishing. **