Box Set Management

Do you have a group of authors you’d love to get together create a themed boxed set but don’t want to deal with the management and money side of it? Relax, we can help. Let Davis Raynes Publishing Group, LLC do all the leg work for you. At management fee rate of 15% of net sales and a per author buy-in for advertising costs (due at the time of sign on), you’ll get the following services.

  • DRGP will work with the facilitator of the group (many cases it’s the person who booked the service) on the scope of the project. Things such as theme and genre, the length the boxed set will be available for sale, pricing, the platforms to which it will be published to, and and other rules to the project.
  • We will create a secret Facebook group for the authors of the set. This will make coordinating stories (if needed for shared world type sets), discuss marketing strategies,  keep everyone up to date on the progress of the set, and deadline reminders.
  • The buy-in (the amount depends on of the set is going for a list or just for fun) is set during the planning/creation of the set and will go toward the cover and advertising. Please note each author is responsible for contributing to the marketing of the set via their newsletters, social media outlets, and other paid or free forms of advertising. So build you team accordingly *grins*
  • AG will manage the group, contracts, and payments to the authors (less the 15% management fee)
  • A Boxed Set management agreement will be drawn betweenDavis Raynes Publishing Group, LLC and the facilitator outlining the scope and theme or the project.
  • Each author will sign a contract giving Davis Raynes Publishing Group, LLC the right to publish their stories in the boxed set. (This doesn’t not give us full publishing rights, just to use the story in the set)
  • DRPG is a full source publisher with traditional publishing resources that indies do not have access to.


**Ask us about our Shared World Management***