Contemporary Western Romance

Crystal Lake, Montana by Christa Ann

Finding Love Again_Christa Ann-200x300


Contemporary Romance

Single Titles


Billionaires with Brains series by Kim Carmichael

Pleasures of the Heart by Lia Davis






Penetrators MC serial by Devyn Douglas (Reverse Harem, MC)



Gothic Romance

Cursed In Stone

A gothic romance series by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne about a cloaked figure, an ancient tome, and gemstones that to help a gargoyle unravel the mystery of his curse—and possibly his freedom.


SunStoneFire_400x600 OpalsSeduction_400x600 AmythystsImbalance_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300 Sapphire's Star_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300 Emerald'sLight_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300


Paranormal Romance

Wolves of Whiskey Hollow by Lia Davis


The Aegeans series by Ripley Proserpina

Reverse Harem


The Searchers by Ripley Proserpina ~ contemporary reverse harem

finding-honor-ebook-highres finding-nora-ebook-highres finding-valour-ebook-highres

Wings of Artemis series by Rebecca Royce ~ Sci-Fi Reverse Harem





Vega Space Vacations – multi-author series



Single Titles

no-one-on-earth-by-jennifer-loring-low-resolution conjunction-by-merryn-dexter-low-resolution first-contact-by-davis-adrienne-low-resolution arizona-impulse-by-b-leslie-tirrell-low-resolution



Urban Fantasy


The Cascade by Rebecca Royce

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Anthologies and Box Sets

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~ Speciality Lines ~


This is our matchmaking line. Stories about couples set up to meet is some form, whether by friends, family, strangers, fate, or by chance.

Coming May 2017

The Smex Files

The Smex Files is a collection of sexy, on the edge of your seat erotic romantic suspense stories written by today’s hottest Authors.

Coming Summer 2017.