Contemporary Western Romance

Crystal Lake, Montana by Christa Ann

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Contemporary Romance

Single Titles


Billionaires with Brains series by Kim Carmichael

Gothic Romance

Cursed In Stone

A gothic romance series by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne about a cloaked figure, an ancient tome, and gemstones that to help a gargoyle unravel the mystery of his curse—and possibly his freedom.


SunStoneFire_400x600 OpalsSeduction_400x600 AmythystsImbalance_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300 Sapphire's Star_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300 Emerald'sLight_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300


Paranormal Romance

Goodies coming soon…

New Adult Reverse Harem


The Searchers by Ripley Proserpina ~ contemporary reverse harem

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Wings of Artemis series by Rebecca Royce ~ Sci-Fi Reverse Harem

 Sci-Fi Romance

Single Titles

no-one-on-earth-by-jennifer-loring-low-resolution conjunction-by-merryn-dexter-low-resolution first-contact-by-davis-adrienne-low-resolution arizona-impulse-by-b-leslie-tirrell-low-resolution



Urban Fantasy


The Cascade by Rebecca Royce

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Anthologies and Box Sets

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The Smex Files

The Smex Files is a collection of sexy, on the edge of your seat erotic romantic suspense stories written by today’s hottest Authors.

Coming Spring 2017.