Anthologies are a great way to cross promote with authors you don’t normal get to. Plus it allows you to meet new friends and development new working relationships.

Stories should be 20,000 to 50,000 words, unless noted otherwise, and will be published in the anthology and individually.

Heat levels are 3-5 flames, unless noted otherwise.

Stories submitted for an anthology will be handled the same way as general submission. Contracts are offered on accepted submissions. Editing, cover art, and marketing support are handled at the expense of After Glows.

All submissions should be sent by the closing date of each anthology according to the guidelines in the FAQ.



Our 2017 anthologies that are accepting submissions are as follows. Proposals will be considered.


Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons

We seeking dragon shifter stories set in the real world or a fantasy. The dragons (male or female) should be alpha to the core, edgy, and know what they want. Their mates should know just how to tame them. So send us your sexy, dark dragons for consideration.

Submission closing date: March 31, 2017



Male/Male Shifter romance

We’re looking for sexy MM shifter stories. Bears, tigers, wolves, leopards, lions, dragons, and all other shifters are welcomed. One or both main characters should be a shifter of some kind. We’re are open to diversity so don’t be afraid to do something different!

Submission closing date: March 31, 2017


Friends to Lovers ( PNR and contemporary romance)

Friends from childhood, friends from work, maybe they were friends from college who went their separate ways and meet back up? However they met is limited to the author’s imagination. Take the readers on the journey that changes everything and makes them realize they are meant for each other. Genres are open to all sub-genres of romance (excluding YA and inspirational).

Submissions closing date: April 15, 2017


Victorian Gothic and Steampunk Anthology

We’re seeking stories set in Victorian Era with strong characters, mystery suspense, and plenty of action (both in and out of the bedroom *wink*). The stories can be Steampunk or Victorian Gothic or a mix of the two. Be creative!

Submissions closing date: May 1, 2017


Hidden Demons: A Paranormal Romance Anthology

Genre: PNR, fantasy romance, urban fantasy

Jekyll and Hyde type stories. Hero or heroine or both are fighting an internal demon or beast or other kind of internal conflict. The conflict has to affect their ability to survive among the humans and could endanger those around them. Some examples of stories plots can be shapeshifters fighting the change, a human fighting a demon possession, vampires fighting bloodlust, a soul eating demon fighting his hunger and not wanting to kill, and so on. Your imagination is the limit.

Submissions closing date: June 31, 2017


A Magical Holiday: A paranormal and urban fantasy anthology

We’re looking for stories about witches, demons, fae, and other magical beings setting around the Winter Holidays. Is their magic stronger or weaker during this time of year? How do they celebrate the winter? Stories should include plenty of sexual tension, strong characters, great external and internal conflicts to keep the readers guessing.

Submission close date: August 1, 2017



All submissions should be sent by the closing date of each anthology according to the guidelines in the FAQ.