Happy Release Day to Rebecca Royce and K. Williams

Number One by K. Williams

Number One-HighResLeft to pick up the pieces, Rigby Grey decides to go on her honeymoon with her best friend Zach after being left standing at the altar.

But you know what they say…never go on a honeymoon with your best guy friend and not expect something to happen.

Two days of wild fun to wipe away the sorrows was desperately what she needed. Waking with a ring on her finger and a marriage license in a coat pocket-was not.

Desperate to figure out where the night went wrong, or very right, Rigby and Zach have to decide if their unexpected ‘I do’s’ will go, or if they will become each other’s Number One.



Dark Demise (Wings of Artemis Book 7) by Rebecca Royce

RR_WingsOfArtemis_DarkDemise_600x900Time isn’t kind…

Waverly Sandler is nothing like her mad father. She’s a nurse. She takes care of people. She is fighting to live down her name. She’s also a sister, a friend, and someday, if the universe is kind, she hopes to be a lover and a wife.

Life at The Farm is one of constant activity, because freedom exacts a high price. When Waverly is tapped for a special assignment, she’s eager to rise to the task of being useful, but the last thing she expected was the attention of four of the strongest, most united group of men she’s ever met.

Ari, the doctor who sees things.
Jackson, the man determined to live down his past.
Rohan, the Super Soldier who longs to be a person.
Canyon, the Super Soldier who sees the possibilities of a better life.

They need her more than she could ever know, and will change her life in ways she could never anticipate.

All they have to do is survive war, disease, and time…


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