Happy Release day to Amy Sumida, Pamela Nerren, River Mitchell and Paxton Summer

Awakened-Beauty-Generic Princess Seraphine lives in a world full of magic. Witches, dragons, and fairies are commonplace. Still, she finds it difficult to believe that she slept for twenty years without aging, thanks to a witch’s curse. Even more shocking; she has been wedded while sleeping, to a man who swears they fell in love in her dreams.

Now the dragons are descending and the only way for Seraphine to save her kingdom, and those she loves, is to find the truth hidden in her own heart.

Will a love forged in dreams be strong enough to survive the awakening?

Previously released in the Married. Wait! What? anthology.




Angels-Mission-GenericIs love really enough?

Angel became an instant millionaire when her abusive husband died. She uses her newfound future to make the world a better place by starting the Angel Foundation, but her emotional scars have yet to heal.

Kevin is an actor fleeing from his fame. When Kevin and Angel meet, they are instantly mesmerized. When Angel doesn’t recognize him, Kevin keeps his fame a secret. Meanwhile, Angel encloses herself in an emotional wall.

On an emotional journey wrought with danger, they cling to one another. Twists. Turns. Attempted murder. Abduction. But when they unmask, what secrets will be revealed? Will those secrets destroy their connection?


Unlocking-His-Shutter-Generic Shutter, a man shrouding in darkness, leads a solitary life. One he is content with, until  he witnesses his nephew, Fear, fall in love. Shutter sees what life could be like if he follows the light and opens his heart.

Drake, a man with a mysterious past, has been accepted into a family that helps him escape the nightmares of his childhood.

Together they face every obstacle and with the help of a loving, yet crazy family, they are forced to walk through hell to get to the future they both deserve.

It’s not an easy journey to their happily ever after but once there, both men know it was worth every single step.





The-Book-of-Olivia-GenericWould you sacrifice love for a greater cause?

After months on the run, Olivia has changed forever, but even more than she, the clone she’s fallen in love with has transformed, and not for the better. Buried deep inside Axel is a different personality, one that only shows when he is handed power. He’s got that now and much more.

Axel is convinced Olivia is his reason for living, and he will do anything to hold onto her and the freedom he’s won—no matter the cost.

Marcus Axis is searching for his wife. When he finally finds her, letting go is the last thing he plans to do. But is he after total control of Aeropia, territory which Olivia and Axel hold, to add to the land he’s already claimed, or does he speak the truth when he told her he wants a family and he wants it with her? Is she the only way to heal a fractured country as he claims?

Torn between the man of her past and the one who could change the future by fusing Aeropia back together, Olivia is determined to make the right choice for her people this time, even if heart desires something else.





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