After Thanksgiving Sale! #firstinaseries

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Our was filled with family, friends, and food. As we roll ourself out of the food coma, many of you will be hitting the stores bright an early to kick off the “official” holiday shopping season. After Glows and Opal Moon is also having a sales. It begins today and runs through December 1st!

33 First in the Series titles were marked down.

Click on the book title for more information

Finding Love Again by Christa Ann

Finding Honor by Ripley Proserpina

Seducing The Stargazer by Kim Carmichael

Sex Cyborgs and Champagne by TL Reeve

Charmed Wolf by Lia Davis

Taken By The MC by Devyn Douglas

Tradition Be Damned  by Rebecca Royce

Two By Two by Gina Wynn

Matched With The Demon by Ripley Proserpina

Jupiter’s Shadow by TL Reeve

Exactly Like You by Lori Sizemore

On The Hunt by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Bound To Be by Lyn Forester

Feathers That Bind by L.A. Kirk

Barbecue and Blue Jeans by Brigitte Ann Thomas

Rule Breaker by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Birth Right by DC Lewis

Deacon  by Rebecca Royce

Discovered by J. Lilley

Succumbing to His Fear by River Mitchell

Witch Wars by T.A. Moorman

Wrath and Ruin by Ripley Proserpina

The Incident Under The Overpass by Anne McLane

Border Town by Louisa Bacio

Touch of Ice by Aleah Raynes and Mandy Caruso

Occidis  by Aisha Tritle

Savage Peak by Jon David

Visions of Pain by Aleah Raynes

The Book of Eva by Paxton Summers

It’s a Vampire Christmas by Lia Davis

Forgotten Visions by Lia Davis


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