New Release Tuesday!

Good Morning,

Today we have two fantastic releases for you!  Rebecca Royce released the next book in her Wings of Artemis series and Lyn Forrester released House of Glass. Keep reading for a bit more about both books!


Reclaiming Their Love (Wings of Artemis) by Rebecca Royce


Diana Mallory lost everything when her five husbands were taken from her on the other side of the galaxy.

Back on the Milky Way side of the black hole, she’s deep into the war for the Mars Station.  Diana will do anything for her family, but every day is a living hell without the loves of her life.  She assumes she’ll never see them again. But, Damian, Sterling, Cash, Lewis and Judge are on their way to her.  When they find her they won’t let war, allegiance, or time differentials keep them from reclaiming their love.

Please note—this book contains the ending to Diana’s story, five hot men who love her, and a race through space you’ll never forget.

Reverse Harem and Intense.


House of Glass by Lyn Forrester


After Caitlyn’s life falls apart, can she trust her old racing competitors to help her build a new future?

On a poisonous planet, humans and halions coexist in stacked city structures with only a high wall to push back the toxic jungle. But not all poison comes from outside. As an elite, Level 12 citizen and the daughter of a ruling family, Caitlyn has fought her entire life to not follow in her father’s footsteps.

When her secret identity as Sparks, a low-level disc-bike racer, is discovered, her father ships her off to the Academia for Planetary Alliance to turn her into a proper politician. Determined to toe the line until she can escape, Caitlyn’s plans are once again thrown off balance when she meets her new classmates, Declan and twin brothers, Felix and Connor—three men who know her and are determined to become a team.


“Hey Sparks, you asleep?” A warm hand nudges me in the shoulder, tips me over. 

I fling out an arm to catch myself and glare at Blaze. “Shove off.”

“Aww, are you glaring at me? It feels like you’re glaring.”

“She’s definitely glaring,” Vice chimes in. He sprawls out on the sidewalk, arms behind his head and knees bent.

“Why are you always angry at me?” Blaze pokes me in the shoulder again. “We should all be friends.”

“I don’t like you.” I rub at my cheeks. The tight press of goggles hurts my face; a headache forms at my temples.

“Because I kick your ass in the races?”

“Hey, I win sometimes, too.” Rush rolls his disc-bike between his fingers.

“We all win sometimes.” Vice flings an arm out to punch his brother.

“You guys don’t win for shit,” Blaze and I snap in unison.

He smiles at me. “Aww, see? Total friend material.”

“Careful, Sparks. We’re his friends too, and he treats us like shit.” Vice pouts.

“Bro, you need a hug?” Rush puts his disc-bike in his pocket and sprawls on the ground next to the other man.

Vice’s head turns toward his brother. “Blaze is so mean.”

“Yeah, he’s so unfeeling. A real deadstream.” Rush waves an arm in my direction in invitation. “You can be our friend, Sparks. We’re way nicer.”

“I don’t want to be any of your friends.”

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