Seducing The Stargazer by Kim Carmichael

Good Morning Kim!

Thank you for joining us today. After Glows Publishing is very excited for Seducing the Stargazer. Even more excited to have you chat with us this morning!

Let’s start off by sharing the blurb and cover for our readers.


With over one hundred million asteroids in the solar system, it took only one to bring them together again.

The stars have been the only constant in astronomer Winchester Carlsbad’s life. A pistol, she will do anything to continue her research on the Martian moons. When she discovers an asteroid on collision course with her former love’s rocket launch, she not only sees her opportunity to secure her telescope time, but to finally best the man who propelled her heart into a black hole when he walked away from her five years ago.

Billionaire Dr. Garner Knox is the face of astronomy to the public and a media darling. As spokesperson and investor in Personal Space, a privately owned space corporation, he has only one problem—his company can’t seem to get anything up. When Wynn fires back into his life and throws his mission into a tailspin, he knows he must get the one person who never believed in him to help him get his probe into orbit.

Working with Garner, Wynn battles the for profit space agency as well the sexy stargazer who rekindles her desires and makes her fall all over again. Garner fights to lasso his loose cannon from angering his investors and learns that vanishing from Wynn’s life didn’t make her disappear from his heart.


Gorgeous cover! Now onto the fun stuff…

Did you have to do a lot of research for this story?
Actually, yes. I’ve always been a little bit of an astronomy buff, but I had to do some research on telescopes, and Mars, and asteroids, it was all very fascinating. In fact my research brought me to what would be Garner’s penultimate moment in the story so it was pretty cool that the research drove a lot of the plot.

Who was harder to write, Winchester or Garner? BTW, Love the unique names!

I always have a harder time with the heroines than the heroes. Winchester gave me a bit of a challenge, but I love how she turned out.

We have to admit the subtle double entendres in the blurb are hysterical. Do you make yourself laugh while you write a book? Or are you sometimes amazed at the words that appear on the page?
I am. I know I hit the words if I’m laughing or crying and this book made me do both.

Of course we have to ask the typical Plotter or Panster?

I am a definite plotter. I used to be a pantster, but over the years I found for me knowing where I’m going really helps.

This is your first book with After Glows, what other genres do you write in?
I write mostly contemporary romance, but I dabble in sci-fi and paranormal.

Can you tell us what you have planned for your next release?
The next book coming out will be Fantasy which is book two in my Seductively Ever After Series. After that will be Indelible, book three in Indelibly Marked.

Thanks for chatting today. Congratulations on your release! (Why does that sound like a double entendre now?)




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