Fragility Unearthed by Rebecca Royce plus an Interview!

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Rebecca Royce stopped by today to tell us about her latest release and answer a few questions readers had for her.

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Fragility Unearthed

Malcolm is missing. Levi is taken. And all the light from the world has gone with them.

Kendall Malcolm thought the world ended when her marriage ended and her life fell apart. She was wrong. Things could be a lot darker. She stands at the precipice—leader, mother, warrior—placing herself between the world and darkness.

But does she have to do it alone? It’s looking that way.

Fragility Unearthed


Will we ever truly understand where the Others come from?

The answer is Yes.  I’m not going to be more specific than that because I really don’t want to give away too many plot points. Kendall is going to learn a lot in Book 4 (Persuasion Enraptured) and that will explain everything. Although, by the end of Book 3, Fragility Unearthed, you do know quite a bit about how this universe works, in terms of the Others.

How they found earth? I’d love to read a story about them.

Tell me if you still feel that way after Book 4…. I love them too, by the way.

You said there are going to be 4 books in this series.  Any plans for a spin off series? Maybe about the place the kids were taken and trained or about Malcolm’s business?

At this point, I have no plans for a spin-off series. But. And it’s a big But that’s why it’s capitalized and has a period. I am a pantser. That means I write by the seat of my pants and not from an outline or a plot.  I recently wrote a spin off for a series I wrote in 2008 and never thought I’d do a spin off on. So, anything is possible. As I feel right now, Kendall’s story is done. I’m not ready to re-open it, which does not mean I won’t ever reopen it. Just not right now.

Where did you get your idea or inspiration from for this series?

Kendall woke me up in the middle of the night. I swear she was shouting. I could see her standing at the school (I’m a mother of 3 so this is very clear to me…) and she has this terrible secret and she’s trying to balance all these things and then—Boom—she was there. The whole story. Start to finish.  I can’t explain it more than that but there she was.

Do the characters dictate the story or do you plot it out?

They dictate very much.

Which character was the hardest to write? And why?

Hmm. That’s a good question. I’d like to say it was Malcolm but the truth is that it was Levi. I understood Malcolm completely (particularly because I had his background in my head before Kendall did) and Kendall was very loud and well formed in my head.  But, Levi had done something that made me feel very angry at him and yet I understood him as well. I wanted people to like Levi and the good news is that the readers seem to.  They’ve forgiven him for his weakness and they like what he’s trying to do and how he loves her. So, I think it worked. For the most part. Some people hate him. Some people hate Malcolm. It’s funny how that happens…

Which character was the easiest to write?

Kendall.  She was so loud in my head. I understood her completely.

Was there any part of the series you were completely shocked about? I know as a reader, there were a few twists that I am still speechless over!

I don’t want to give away the end. But, I think you and I both know what she did at the end of Book 3 was pretty Oh My God.  Right? That shocked me. I thought. Where do we go from here? But then I started typing and Book 4 happened.

Do you have another series in mind to start after this one or just continuing current series?

I always have new series in mind. But, my current series list is what’s talking to me right now. If someone starts shouting like Kendall did, I’ll go ahead and write that. I always do.

Thanks for reading.

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