Happy Release day to Lyn Forrester

Good Morning!

Lyn Forrester stopped by to share an interview with us and excerpt of the second book in her series! She also offered up a gift card giveaway. Just comment on this post!


Ash in the Blood (Poison World Book 2)

Ash floods the streets in the towering city of Roen. Blue Hall wants the deaths to stop. Black Corporation wants to maintain their contracts with the government and stop losing profit from the illegal distribution.

Investigator Reagen Thorpe has been saddled with Drake Esten of the mob. Together, they’ve been given the dubious task of cleaning up the mess. Since their only lead has blows up, they’ll have to work even harder to track down the clues that will lead them to the distributor.

But with the possibility of Reagen’s past catching up to her, will she stay in Roen? She already burned one bridge. Can she afford to make an enemy of Roen’s mob, too?

Reagen never wanted a partner, but as they venture further into the case, she will learn that sometimes being alone can be far more dangerous.



Interview with Lyn Forrester:

Was there any one thing that inspired your Poison World series?

I had been working with a few different ideas for a while, mostly high fantasy. And then Reagen popped into my mind. This story originally started as an aliens-invade-earth type thing, but when I actually sat down and plotted it out, it began to form into this other thing. Sci-fi, other world, everything is fake. It was fun, something I’d never considered before. And the more I wrote, the more I liked the feel of the story.

Do you like to plan your stories out in detail?

Yes. And no. I like to chart my scenes path. I know that I need to get from point A to point B and that X needs to happen during that process. I let the characters decide how that happens, as long as they stay on path. I’ve found it allows enough wiggle room to allow things to happen organically, while not getting lost along the way. It also allows me to focus on a small piece of the book at a time, just this one scene. It makes writing a novel less intimidating.

How detailed do you get with character creation?

Lol. That really depends on the character. Reagen and Drake have pretty detailed pasts. Things happened to them that affect their actions in the book, and I needed to know what those things were before I started writing them. It dictates how they act toward each other and to their environment. Not all of it will ever come out in the books, but most of it will. There’s a couple other characters that have equally detailed backgrounds. But for a lot of characters, like Carmichael, I knew he had a purpose, but I let his character develop organically. I didn’t need to know he loves tea going into his scenes.

Do you have any little rituals when you write?

Coffee first. But that’s more of a life ritual, right? Beyond that, I actually haven’t formed any consistent habits. Sometimes I write with a wave generator on, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I write in my office, sometimes in a chair in the bedroom, sometimes at a friend’s house. The only consistent thing is no TV or music. I can’t focus through other people talking.

What’s your favorite part of writing?

Hearing from readers that they loved a scene that I loved writing, or that a character felt to them exactly how I intended for them to feel. It makes me feel like I’m properly showing the images in my head to other people.

What’s your least favorite part of writing?

EDITING. OMG, I HATE IT. It’s a different part of the brain, and it’s so slow and I can’t write creatively while I’m doing it. I get almost no writing done while I’m editing.

What motivates you when you most need it?

Recently? Deadlines. I’ve set myself a “This is what I want to accomplish” list for next year. It’s pretty aggressive. If I hit all of my goals this year, then that means I can probably pull it off. In the long run, I want to make a living with writing. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant lifestyle, but it needs to pay my current bills. That means writing, writing, writing. Honing my craft, getting my books out there, figuring out how to market myself. I have a ton of stories to tell, that I really want to tell, that I hope people will enjoy reading. All of this motivates me.

How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember. I remember clearly, my third grade teacher was really supportive of creativity. He would encourage us to turn our cursive letters into caricatures, and to read and draw during our free hour while we waited to have a turn at the computer in class. The library had these awesome blank books with white hard covers. We could have as many as we could fill. And I would write and illustrate my own stories. The first one I remember is If You Give A Bear A Jar of Honey, my version of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. My grandma also encouraged me. She would take me with her to writer’s retreats, where I would be gently encouraged to not write vampires, but to continue telling stories. Sometimes I think, in the current world, I maybe should have stuck with the vampires just a little longer!



“What are you doing in here?” a strident voice demands from the doorway.

I stand, unhurried, and close the cabinet. A woman stands in the hallway, arms akimbo and purple nightgown swirling around her upper thighs. Her hair, up in rollers, has a dark indigo tint.

I hop over the futon, and when I get closer, the scent of blueberries fills my nose. Friday night’s black menu special, Blueberry Muffin.

Her hands drop from her hips as I near, her eyes widening in alarm. She takes a step back, gaze flicking over my shoulder.

“I’m Investigator Thorpe.” I pull out my I.I. badge and extend it for her to see. Her shoulders relax as she confirms my identity. “This is my partner, Junior Esten.”

“Hey,” Drake grunts from the rear wall as he rolls up the futon.

“Are you here about Jenny?” She looks back into the room, wide blue eyes flitting around the space. Jenny must be Lemon Chiffon’s real name.

“Yes, we need to speak to her. Do you know where we can find her?”

The woman bursts into tears and flings herself at me.


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