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Sam Camden is on the verge of losing the only thing he ever cared about—his wife, Makenzie. First, she tells him she wants a divorce then she’s in a car accident and awakes with no memory of their life together. As much as he knows telling her the truth about their relationship is the right thing to do, he can’t leave her.

When he brings her home, suddenly the house she hated is perfect, she finds the closet she filled to capacity ridiculous, and the man she’s barred from her bed is all she wants.

Makenzie knows something is wrong with her, but being married to the man she can hardly remember is more than she ever dreamed. She can’t remember her husband more than the feeling of safety he inspires, but as she watches him and the way he tiptoes around her and measures every word before he speaks it, and her memories come back in pieces, she’s torn between discovering the truth about herself and enjoying the contentment she feels with the life she barely recognizes.

Resisting their attraction to one another is harder than either is prepared to deal with, and together they have to figure out if they can overcome the secrets of their past or if it’s time to say goodbye once and for all.


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Guest Post:

When I write, I usually start with one line (usually uttered or thought by the hero, because–let’s face it–they are the reason I write these books) that shows me who he is.

For Forget Us Not, a second chance romance, Sam was the most important character for me. I wanted to create someone who was desperate to keep his life together, who didn’t always say the right things or do the right things, but who hung on with such hope that a reader wouldn’t be able to do anything but root for him.
So, I have collected my ten favorite Sam paragraphs and lines… In no particular order…
 1.  She thinks I’m sleeping; I can tell from the whisper, and for a moment, I consider letting her believe it. But I don’t. All I’ve ever cared about was Makenzie, and I won’t let her go without a fight. 
2.  I glance back over my shoulder, afraid of what I’ll do as much as I need to see her one more time. “I’ll never be able to just be your friend.”
3.  I’ve let her down over and over.  I’ve lost the only woman I’ve ever loved, and I deserve it.
4.  My God. She’s beautiful in ways I can’t understand.
5.  As wrong as it is, I almost hope her memory never comes back. I’m afraid if it does, she’ll go back to resenting the things I can’t give her, the material items any man with money would be happy to provide. I want a while longer of her loving me before she hates me again.
6.  I can only watch her, and for me, that’s helplessness in every sense of the word. When I told her I loved her the first time, I swore to myself I would never let the world or anyone in it hurt her. It was a quiet oath I promised to the sun, the moon, the stars, and to God. Now, I feel the weight of the responsibility behind the words.
7.  I am weak for her—my friends call it whipped—but even I don’t understand the depths of what I have always felt when she walks into a room, when she looks at me with those fiery eyes. “Leaving you has never been any more a choice for me than loving you. We fight, and we argue, and we say things that are wrong, and sometimes they hurt, but when I thought I was going to lose you, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t sleep. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, and if that makes me less of a man, then I’ll be happy that way. And I don’t care what anyone but you says about it.”
8.   “Well, it’s a lot of things. First, not every minute with us was bad. I can’t count the number of nights we’ve stayed up till dawn talking. Not about anything important, just about silly things we used to do, and movies and stuff like that. Sometimes when you look at me, I can see forever, and I know you’re the person I’m meant to spend my life with.” Her eyes are kind, but I know my next words will strain us, but to say them is to face them. There’s not much point in hiding the truth. “Whether we make it another hundred years or we wake up tomorrow with your memory restored and decide to split up, you’re my best friend. Friends test each other sometimes. And marriages are hard when everyone is happy, and lately, we weren’t happy. So, I hung in there because I figured our friendship would help us get through these rough patches.”
9.  By the time she’s awake, I’ve stared at her in the moonlight, in the darkness, in the twilight hours before dawn and in the early morning sun. I’m in love with my wife.
10.   I’m either blessed or cursed by the sheer force of how much I love this woman.
I would love to hear your favorite parts of the story. You can let me know at
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