Deleted scene from Arizona Impulse by B. Leslie Tirrell

I’m not used to getting this much attention over one of my books. Okay, there’s only one other one, but lightning struck twice, so I’d like to think I just barely know what I’m doing now. Writers, eh?

So Arizona Impulse, the title, came to me in a dream. I thought it sounded cool. It was originally going to be about racecar drivers, but I’m not into car races. Left. Left. Left. Left. How do they not get dizzy? Anyway, I was invited to the Starstruck Holidays anthology. Little ol’ me in the company of People You’ve Actually Heard Of Before. Lol. I figured I could use the title and have the space cruise ship be called the Arizona Impulse. The holiday they celebrate is a mixture of Hanukah and Mardi Gras. Wasn’t intentional, but it ended up working.

Here’s an excerpt that didn’t make it into the book. This is from Mathias Bahadurian’s point of view. He’s the guy with the black hair on the cover. He’s just ruminating while his husband takes a shower. Hope you enjoy it.


Where would he be if he’d stayed on Vacinia? Who would he be? His culture was simple. He’d grown up without any kind of modern technology and there were only nine potential jobs offered where his family lived. There was the requirement of becoming a warrior monk in the monastery on Elderoy 5, of course. That was where he’d met Capriel. She’d been there training as a nun, but neither decided to choose the monastery as a job. He didn’t care for children when he was a child and speaking to large groups made him nervous, so being a teacher or a minister was out of the question. Mathias had always loved working with his hands, so he’d apprenticed as a builder for a few years and then another year as a scientist. He had no interest in the medical field, despite his interest in science. That left three jobs; two really, as cooking food and hospitality were typically a woman’s field. To that end, his parents’ jobs were an unusual combination. His father’s genes had been deemed exceptional, so the man’s role was to father as many children as he could. Mathias had no idea how many half-siblings he had, but then his father fell in love with his mother, a farmer, and fathered six children with her, Mathias being the fourth.

So Mathias and his two brothers and three sisters learned how to be meticulous about their appearances and how they took care of their bodies just in case one or more of them were chosen to bear or father children. They were constantly late for school. Breeding didn’t really go with farming since that involved manual labor in the sun, digging in the soil, and the potential for broken bones that could heal badly, leaving them crippled or with cuts and bruises that marred their skin or left permanent scars. Mathias winced at the memory of his father’s temper, when he’d gone off and tattooed his chest and stomach and let his hair grow out. Honestly, there was no hope in making him a breeder, although they’d matched him with Capriel, hoping their friendship and her reputation for being a little strange and…generous…with her body would turn into more. The rumors about her conquests hadn’t been true, but curiosity and hormones eventually got the better of them. After a year or so, without a pregnancy, there’d been talk of a somewhat open marriage, but then Mathias came down with wanderlust and was on the next shuttle leaving the moon. He’d ended up on Lisalda.


Ambassador Kallell Tezak, the youngest member of the Galaxy Alliance, overhears two of his fellow ambassadors conspiring to take control of the device that protects the galaxy from famine. Kallell knows it is his duty to stop them, but he also wants to enjoy his favorite holiday, Genzebe. Kallell might even summon the bravery to confess his love for the shy and serious Esten Lazzaro—his second in command.

Five star chefs Mathias Bahadurian and Taslin Armonni were given honeymoon tickets for a trip on the space cruiser Arizona Impulse. Mathias and Taslin are much too interested in each other to participate in most of the activities, but they do manage to make their signature dish.

Upon learning they plan to serve it to his fellow ambassadors, Kallell comes up with the idea to add a neurotoxin to their servings. Will Kallell sacrifice Taslin and Mathias for the greater good of the galaxy, or will he confess to his deed and face the consequences? And will his choices destroy his budding relationship with Esten?


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