Character Interview with Merryn Dexter


Character Interview with Cullan Rex, Security Chief of the transport ship Medusa

Merryn: Hi, Cullan. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.

Cullan: Is this going to take long, I’ve got shit to do.

Merryn: Play nice, or I’ll tell the readers all your darkest secrets.

Cullan: Bitch *blows a kiss*

Merryn: Ass. Now that the pleasantries are over, why don’t you tell the readers a bit about what you do.

Cullan: I protect the Medusa and her crew. Everything and everyone who comes on board is under my jurisdiction. Break the rules and I’ll show you where the airlock is. Threaten me or any of the crew then I’ve got a hand cannon with your name on it.

Merryn: You like a big gun. *snickers*

Cullan: I can’t believe you went there.

Merryn: Me? I’m not the one breaking their cardinal rules left and right. So tell me, what first attracted you to Mycel?

Cullan: Have you seen him? What’s not to like. Apart from that snooty attitude and an ego bigger than my unpaid bar tab on Delta One, of course. But what can you expect from a prince?

Merryn: Well you’d certainly know something about that…

Cullan: *scowls* Don’t even start with me. I’m a pirate, not a prince.

Merryn: *holds up hands* Okay, okay. Why don’t you tell us a bit about what you do for fun?

Cullan: What I do, or who I do?

Merryn: You’ve such a crude mouth, you know that?

Cullan: And whose fault is that? You’re the one who puts the words in it.

Merryn: You have a point. Let’s try another question. If you have a motto in life, what is it?

Cullan: If you’re mine to protect, you’re mine forever.

Merryn: Wow, that makes me kind of swoony.

Cullan: Shame you’re not my type. Look, are we done? Mycel is waiting for me at the infinity track. We’re going dra’kan hunting.

Merryn: *shakes head* That’s no one’s idea of a good time.

Cullan: *Gets up from his chair and grins* Only ‘cos you’ve never tried it naked.


Conjunction by Merryn Dexter

Once a pirate, always a pirate?

Cullen Rex, former space-pirate is now Head of Security on the transporter – Medusa. The captain of the Medusa will move anything (and anyone) if the price is right. Their latest mission is to deliver a passenger to the blighted planet of Elexon in time for the Conjunction.

Once a prince, always a prince?

Exiled ten years previously, Mycel Laast has hired one of the toughest crews in the nearby galaxy to get him home to Elexon. The Conjunction approaches, a time of myth and wonder for his people, and he longs to witness this once-in-a-decade event. At least that is what the crew of the Medusa believe…

The best kind of trouble

Getting involved with a stuck-up royal is the last thing Cullen wants, but it’s lust at first sight and their new passenger goes out of his way to make his interest clear.

What starts as a fling soon grows serious, but a relationship built on a foundation of secrets and constructed from lies is no relationship at all. Can Mycel trust his brutal, beautiful lover with the desperate truth about his mission home?

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