Jennifer Loring- A Character Bio

No One on Earth

A male/male Sci-Fi romance novella

By Jennifer Loring

Erukkass’ people, a species of interdimensional aliens, have been observing Earth and interacting with humans for so many centuries that some Native American tribes believe their ancestors originated from the stars. After his lover passed away in what appears to be a medical accident, Erukkass accepts a scientific mission… but not for the reasons his government expects. He has located his beloved on another timeline, in another universe—ours—and he will not leave without him.

Jon, a psychic since childhood, has never felt at home in the world, even less so after his lover died on Winter Solstice a year ago. Since his abilities failed him when he needed them most, he turns to alcohol and rejects his family’s assertion that he is a Star Child—an alien/human hybrid. When Jon’s sister suggests he should look into the legend of Handsome Fellow, Jon decides that if he cannot find happiness himself, he will bring it to others.

Jon returns home from work one evening to find a gift of his own—a strange young man waiting for him. Erukkass unveils one stunning revelation after another, including the truth behind his lover’s death and the nature of time itself. Can he and Jon forge a future together, or will two timelines that have always intersected, no matter when or where, finally be forced to diverge?


Character Bio:

Name: Jonathan Kline
Species: Homo sapiens/Homo evolutis

Planet of Origin: Earth
Age: 28
Occupation: bartender
Likes: drinking, astronomy, hot guys, lacrosse, his sister’s dog, his friend Sam
Dislikes: being alone, his parents, his job, life in general

Jonathan Kline, a psychic since childhood, has never felt at home in the world. These feelings intensified after his boyfriend, Daniel, died in a car accident on Winter Solstice a year ago. His abilities having failed him when he needed them most, Jon turned to alcohol to cope but lost everything he and Daniel had built together, forcing him to return to the reservation. He rejects his tribe’s assertion that he is a Star Child-an alien/human hybrid-as superstitious nonsense.

Jon possesses a BS in Astronomy but currently works as a bartender at the casino on his tribe’s reservation. In his free time, he avoids people, looks at the stars, and wishes for reunion with Daniel-by any means necessary.
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