Auriella Skye offers us an interview…

A Seductive Interview: Sandy Interviews Jon and Jacob Sims (Or Makes an Attempt To)
Jon and Jacob Sims sit across from Sandy as she takes a seat behind Jacob’s large desk.

Sandy: I understand the thrill of sitting behind a powerful desk at Sims Industries now. I should do this more often.

Jon: Don’t enjoy it too much, baby, or we’ll have to remind you about the other uses for that desk.

Jacob: I’m sure she remembers its other various functions well. First impressions are hard to forget.

Sandy smirks and tries to maintain her composure. Jacob is wearing a double-breasted suit that screams alpha, while Jon wears his white lab coat over a well-fitting Oxford shirt without the tie and the top partially open. Both are tempting, but Sandy does her best to focus.

Sandy: This is meant to be a serious interview, boys.

Jon: Then you shouldn’t have worn that tight black dress we like. All I’m going to think about is the fastest to get it off you.

Sandy: Then I suggest you learn some patience.

Jacob shakes his head but smiles at her, a rare occurrence she enjoys.

Jacob: My hand is itching to spank that ass for that mouth of yours, so you better hurry this up or it’s going to be a non-existent interview.

Sandy hides her smirk, loving the fact that she’s getting them worked up. She can play their game just as well.

Sandy: Okay, so this is an interview so others can get to know you two as much as I do.

Jon: I don’t think you want anyone to know us as well as you do. Otherwise, we’d be doing things more intimate than talking, sweetness.

Sandy: Behave, Jon. Jacob is taking this seriously.

Jacob: If you could read my thoughts, Sandy, you wouldn’t say that.

Sandy: Focus. If you do this, we can talk about those kind of thoughts later. First question: what’s your ideal romantic evening?

Jon: Just one? There’s so many to choose from, but they all end the same.

Jacob: I say great music, delicious food, and ending with our woman in between us.

Jon: I love the way you think, Jacob. With you near us, Sandy, every evening is ideal.

Sandy: That’s sweet.

Jacob: What we’re planning after this is far from sweet.

Sandy wiggles in her seat.

Sandy: Ahem…what’s the best gift a lover can give you? By lover, you should know that means me and no one else, but you may answer.

Jon: Someone getting jealous of all the women reading this?

Sandy: Nope. Not a bit of jealousy. Just verbally marking what’s obviously mine.

Jacob: That’s a gift I like, seeing you wearing our mark, be it a hickey or a hand print on your backside, those are the gifts that keep on giving.

Sandy shifts in her seat again, trying her best not to look impacted by Jacob’s words.

Jon: Nice. I’ll say I like my presents both wrapped and unwrapped.

Sandy: Why both?

Jon: Sometimes I like to unwrap it with my bare hands to enjoy the anticipation, and other times I just want to play with it immediately.

Sandy laughs and swivels slightly in the chair.

Sandy: Good to know. Next question: what’s the most erotic dessert you’ve eaten? If either of you say me, I’m throwing these cards at you. It has to be real food.

Jon: That’s no fun. Sometimes you’re the best meal.

Sandy stares Jon down.

He holds up his hands.

Jon: You’re the one who said erotic dessert. How do you expect us to answer that?

Sandy looks down at her question.

Sandy: I just wrote down dessert. Not erotic.

Jacob: That’s what you said. Something you want to get off your mind?

Sandy: Nope. Answer the question.

Jon: Have it your way. I like vanilla ice cream with lots of real whipped cream and cherries.

Sandy: I’m tempted not to probe into that answer.

Jon and Jacob laugh.

Jon: If that’s what our lady wants, who are we to limit you?

Sandy: Why do you both make everything in this interview so sexual?

Jon: Is that what we’re doing?

Jacob: We can’t help it if you’re hot and bothered, beautiful.

Sandy sighs.

Sandy: I’m not—

Jacob: No, no. What’s our rule about lying?

Sandy: I wasn’t…never mind. You haven’t answered the food question, Jake.

Jacob: I thought you were annoyed with our over-sexualized answers.

Sandy: If you don’t tell me, it’s going to bug me more, so spill it.

Jacob doesn’t answer right away. He slowly unbuttons his vest without taking his eyes away from Sandy’s stare, but he doesn’t remove any clothing. Instead, he sits back and crosses one leg over his knee. Jacob knows she’s anxious, and he’s enjoying every second of her restlessness.

Sandy notices the small grin on his face. She isn’t sure whether she wants to kiss him or slap him. Probably both.

Jacob: I’m not usually a dessert man. Sweets never appealed to me until recently.

Sandy: And now?

Jacob: I seem to have a chocolate addiction that I never plan on fixing.

Sandy feels her face flush, even though she knows they can’t see it past her mocha skin. She shuffles the question cards frantically.

Jon: What are you looking for?

Sandy: A neutral question.

Jacob uncrosses his leg and leans over.

Jacob: Why’s that, Sandy?

She knows what he wants her to say, but she’s determined to get at least a couple more questions out without going crazy with need.

Jon mimics Jacob by leaning over in his seat. Both seem so similar and so different at the same time. They’re irresistible and not playing fair at all.

Jon: You might as well tell us, or we have ways to get it out of you.

Sandy: I want you, okay. I can’t even concentrate on the rest of the damn questions. Are you happy?

Jon and Jacob stare at each other before turning to her.

Jon: We will be in a minute.

Jon gets up, storms to the office door, and locks it before coming back to join Jacob.

Sandy: What are you doing?

Both men grin at her like hungry wolves that just sniffed out the juiciest bone.

Jacob: Interview is over, lovely.

Jon: Time for us to show our woman how the Sims brothers properly answer those kinds of questions.

Sandy glances at her remaining questions before tossing them behind her. If they wanted to play that way, she could find fun and easier ways to get answers out of them, too. She stares at both of them.

Sandy: It’s on Sims.
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