Excerpt Red Hot Pleasures by Lia Davis

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We are still talking with the authors of A Valentine for Two box set. Today Lia Davis is sharing a little bit about her story.

A Valentine for Two
A collection of 10 RED HOT ménages

Red Hot Pleasures

Both men are prefect, sexy, and have captured her heart. Things heat up when they reveal they want a ménage a trois. But could one night of passion turn into a lifetime of pleasure?


There weren’t many things that could throw Tessa off her game. Yet, the caramelbrown-haired man with the body built like a sex god sitting across the table from her did more than unbalance her. Butterflies swarmed her belly, while every inch of her heated as if a fever had suddenly taken over, both inside and out. It’s just a business dinner.

She was so going to have a word with Avery when she got home. When her twin had recommended Hunter to remodel the law office, she’d failed to mention his ability to bring women to their knees. Or maybe that was Tessa’s sister’s plan all along. Tessa had been leery to call him at first. Some of Avery’s friends walked the line of the law because she was the owner of a gentlemen’s club. Even though Avery had cleaned it up in the short months since buying the place, Tessa still wondered how trustworthy Hunter was. But Avery had said to call him and ask for references.

So Tessa had, and he’d checked out okay. His dark grey eyes danced with the beginnings of a smile a moment before he glanced down at the folder he held before sliding it across the table. “These are just preliminary sketches. Anything can be changed.” Ignoring the impulse to reach for him, to touch him, she forced her gaze to the file and opened it with shaky hands. Had he noticed? God, she hoped not. She shuffled through several printed floor plans. They were labeled by section and depicted the first floor of the building she owned with her two partners at Barnes, McDonnell, and Nelson Law Offices. It took her a few minutes to recognize the changes made to the current layout. “You didn’t change much.” “I really didn’t see a need to.”

He leaned forward and pointed to the left side of one of the printouts. His subtle, spicy, masculine scent coiled around her. Her heart rate kicked up a few beats per minute. “I think this would make a great space for a storefront. Maybe a small restaurant or something. We could move the reception desk to the center of the space, facing the front doors.” “I like that idea, but I was hoping for a more open look.”

Compared to most of the other buildings in the Long Beach area, theirs wasn’t very large. In fact, it was more like a mid-size mansion from Beverly Hills.

As Hunter reached for the pages, his hand brushed hers, and a jolt like an electric current shot up her arm, spreading through her body. She fought a moan and eased her hand out of his reach. She must be coming down with something. It was the only explanation.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2h0ac8M


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