Guest post by TL Reeve

Good morning and happy Valentine’s Day!


Today, I would like to share with you A Valentine’s Deal. It’s about two Incubi Carter Goode and Sullivan North and a human reporter Sierra Hanover who knows her way around the paranormal world.

When I thought about the story, I wanted it to be different. I also wanted to give Sierra an adventure on Valentine’s Day. See, she hates the holiday. Calls it commercial and basically a farce. So, I had to change her mind, and why not put two hunky men in her way, to make all of her wild dreams come true.

I mean, who could say no to two delicious demons who want to rock her body right? LOL!

So, I have a question for you, dear reader, what would be your No-holds-barred Valentine’s vacation? Where would you go? Who would you take with you? One lucky winner will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

Now, here’s a little This or That between Sullivan, Carter and Sierra.

Chocolate: Bar or syrup

Carter: Syrup

Sullivan: Definitely Syrup

Sierra: Bar…I can savor it.


Flowers or No flowers

Carter: Flowers

Sullivan: Flowers

Sierra: Meh…plant them and grow a garden, I don’t need something that dies in two weeks.


One night stand or Lasting relationship

Carter: *looks to Sierra* lasting relationship

Sullivan: *licks his lips* Ditto

Sierra: *Grins* Lasting relationship, with those two. *Hooks her thumb at both men*


Panties or No panties

Carter:  *Growls* no panties

Sullivan:  No panties

Sierra: I love it when they spank me for wearing panties, so panties for the win!


And now, a little NSFW sneak peek of A Valentine’s Deal:

The man stopped short, and turned his golden gaze on her. Boom. Pregnant. The thought simultaneously surprised her, and made her chuckle, which led to embarrassment. She cleared her throat.

“It’s good to meet you. I’m Sierra Hanover, and this is my assistant Jerry Rodrick.” She motioned to her friend. Jesus, what the hell had she gotten herself into?

He grunted, and joined Carter. “Let’s get this over with.” The firm set of his jaw, coupled with the way he crossed his arms over his impressive chest, set her on fire. Together they were an impressive duo. Whatever soaked her panties when it came to Carter, deepened the harsh pulse of energy. Her womb clenched with it, and she placed her hand against her belly—a vain attempt to cover what she felt.

“Miss Hanover,” Carter prompted. “Are you, okay?”

Fuck no she wasn’t okay. Her hormone decided to do a freaking jig, while her pussy demanded both men shove their cocks inside of her, so they could make twin deposits of their seed.

“Yes. Sorry. I love your office. How about we do the podcast from the couch.” She pointed over her shoulder. “I think it’ll give an air of relaxation and fun.”

“Perfect.” Carter replied.

When she glanced up through her lashes at Sullivan, he growled. Fucking sexy. Mmm, what I wouldn’t give to—damn it. Get it together.

A flash of something dangerously erotic rolled through his golden orbs as the tension radiating from him, increased. “Most live podcasts, or Facebook live broadcasts last between thirty to forty-five minutes. You’ll be able to see their questions as well as their reactions. I’ll start with my questions first then if you see interactive inquires you’re willing to answer, we’ll go to them.” Again, she peeked at Mr. Tall, Dark and Surly. He gave no indication whether was okay with the setup or not.

“What will your questions consist of?” The deep timbre of his voice rocketed her libido to the stratosphere.

“Mostly about the club. Some about the both of you and how you came to own this place. Plus, a few questions on the property—the history.” While she talked, Jerry set up his laptop along with the mics. She wanted a crisp clear quality for their broadcast, as several of their regular readers were excited to join in with the Wolfsbane Q&A.

“We don’t like putting too much information out there about us,” Sullivan stated. “We like our privacy.”

She figured as much. “You can skip questions that are personal. Go with the simple ones. I’m interested in your club.”

Sullivan snorted. “Sure.”

Well…asshole. “I’ll prove it.”

Jerry cued up the page and showed her the total post views and comments already left for them. “Looks like you’re a hit already.” He placed everything so it wasn’t obstructing their view.

“Sullivan, sit down. Looming over her, isn’t going to make this go any faster.” Carter patted the seat beside him.

He huffed, but did as his partner requested. “Let’s get this over with.”

She nodded to Jerry who started the broadcast. “Good afternoon everyone, it’s your friendly reporter, coming to you live from Wolfsbane.” She gave a wave. “Today I am pleased to interview Carter Goode and Sullivan North. As always, type in your questions and we’ll see how many we can fit in within the allotted time.” She scooted sideways. “Say hello to everyone.”

A Valentine for Two box set released today. Get your copy at these retailers:






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