Read an excerpt from Hexed With Sass by Lia Davis

hexed-with-sass_promo-72dpiHexed with Sass is part of the Sass Ever After Kindle World!

Coming February 7, 2017!

Enjoy the excerpt. 😀


The annual scenting ceremony. The one event Wes Nash would be skipping.

“How are you supposed to find a mate if you never try to look for one?” Ruthanne, his older sister, sat on his sofa in his living room, nagging about finding a mate. He expected it from their mother but it looked like Mom had recruited backup. A frustrated groan rumbled past his lips. “Who says I want a mate right now?”

He was young, only thirty. In shifter standards, that was still a pup. Considering they lived a very long time, what was the hurry?

Not wanting to talk about it any further, he hurried toward the door. After yanking the thing open, Ruthanne asked, “Where are you going?”

“For a run.” And away from my overbearing family.

He jogged to the tree line at the edge of his backyard. When he entered the thick trees, he shifted in a flash and took off, the moon shining through the branches his only guide. It felt good to run, to get away from people and be alone for a little while.

Yes, he loved his family and pack, and he wouldn’t consider leaving. Wolfe Pack was home, family. He just wished his parents and siblings would let him breathe.

He hadn’t realized how far he’d run until he came to the Everton Coven property line. He skidded to a halt at the border and hesitated. There was no rule about crossing onto witch territory as long as he respected their harm none rules. That wasn’t what made him pause.

An alluring scent did. Roses and cool mint drifted on the air. It was faint, but he picked it up. The wolf whimpered, wanting to follow it. To see where it came from. The man was curious as well.

Raising his nose into the air, he sniffed, and then took off in the direction of the scent.

He was careful to stay within the trees and brush surrounding the homes of the coven until he found the one he was searching for. A female. And she was alone. With his supernatural night vision, he saw her sitting at a table in front of the kitchen window, long, wavy red hair drawn back in a loose ponytail. He wanted to see her up close, face to face.

He started to move forward until she stood, put something in the sink and opened the fridge. A moment later, she disappeared. No. Where did she go?

It felt like hours had passed before she returned with a book in her hand. What are you doing, my little witch? He couldn’t see her fully while she stood at the counter.

Then she moved to the back door and he crouched low, ducked behind a large tree. And waited.


(c) 2017 Lia Davis



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