Call for proposal for new fun shared world #VegaSpaceVacations #lunchtimereads

Vega Space Vacations


Welcome to Vega, the ultimate space fantasy adult vacation location.

Vega is planet in the Alpha Quintar system solely owned by Vega Space Vacations. Our mission is to provide our guest with the ultimate fantasy vacation experience. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life. Our motto? “We can help with that.”

Your imagination is the only limit. So leave technology behind and everything to us as you embark on a vacation that will change your life.

Plan your space vacation with us and change your life forever!


Meet your on-planet host:

Vincent Carver is a single gay man with many lovers. He is not fully human, but don’t ask—it’s rude. Though he’s very private and protective of his identity and doesn’t confide in anyone but a handful of people in his inner circle, he’s the best host in the galaxy. Guests may see him with another man or two whom they believe are his bodyguards. We’ll never tell.

In his private life, he is a man (Vincent)–dresses, acts and talks like one. When he’s “hosting” events or out in public he’s in drag as Valentina.


Vincent’s physical description:

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: blue

Height: 5’10”

Build: lean muscles

Other distinct features: High cheek bones, smooth porcelain skin, and dimples.


Valentina’s (Val) physical description:

Hair and eyes are the same color. Wears hair extensions and may wear it straight down his back or curl it. May wear wigs of any color or styling, depending on the client and the vacation, or simply his mood.

Make-up isn’t over done. It looks elegant and natural. People are surprised when they first realize Val is a man because when he dresses up he looks like a woman and not your typical stage drag queen, unless he wants to. Then, he rocks that look.



What happens on Vega…

  • Smaller than Earth, but with plenty of room to have numerous vacation areas and acres for private getaways.
  • The terrain: it’s much like Earth. Water, oceans, mountains, cities, forests, etc.
  • Vega is open to any type of vacation such as dude ranch, casino, waterpark, beach, cruise ship, skiing, mountains, hot springs, mineral baths, salt caves, camping, caverns, and much more. Some of these are already in place, but if you want something new, “We can help with that.”
  • Your vacation can be adventurous and suspenseful, a relaxing getaway with friends, or a romantic getaway to reunite the spark that seems to have died out.
  • The planet doesn’t allow personal technology devices. No cell phones, tablets, computers, or other devices will be allowed on vacation. Guests are asked to leave those items at home and anything brought with them has to be turned in at check in.
  • The only technology devices allowed on vacation are those provided by VSV as part of a specific vacation package.


Rules for Authors

  • Setting can start on Earth, or anywhere else, but the vacation and romantic journey must be on Vega. If you want a “fantasy world” type adventure, create a room or place with hologram program.
  • Word count is 7,000 and up.
  • Heat level: 3-5
  • All stories are romance and must have a HEA or HFN endings.
  • Val/Valentina should at least be mentioned in each story. Make sure Val is utilized in some way. He doesn’t have to be on page, but should be at least referred to in the story (he sets up the vacations, so he could be mentioned in that way, or he could check on the couple, or they could run into him….)
  • Characters can be any species. (human, shifter, alien, mythical, magical, and more)
  • Couple pairs can be MF, MM, MMM, FFM, FF, MFM, FMMM(MMM..)-Reverse Harem, and any other combo you wish to create.
  • NO ONE is to write Val/Vincent’s story. He belongs to Kerry Adrienne and Lia Davis. They get dibs on his romantic life style. *winks*
  • Stories must be approved via proposal that includes the type of vacation your characters want, what you will be adding to the world, and character names. Send them to with the subject: Vega Space Vacation Proposal



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