2 Specialty Submission Calls. #SmexFiles and #Kismet

Hello Authors! We are happy to be expanding After Glows and opening up two publishing lines in 2017. AND we are taking proposals!

So here’s how it will work. Read through ALL the details below for both lines and send us your proposal to AfterGlowsSubmissions@gmail.com with the subject Proposal for [enter line name here] _ [your book title] by [author name].

Your proposal should include the following:

  • Book title (a working title is fine)
  • Is it a stand alone title or first in a series
  • proposed word count
  • 1 to 2 page Book synopsis
  • if it’s going to become a series, include the series synopsis


The Lines


The Smex Files

The Smex Files is a erotic romantic suspense line

We looking for hot, ice-bath-required-while-reading, romantic suspense stories. Setting and suspense plot line is up to the author as long as it’s an erotic romantic suspense with a HEA or HFN ending.

Either the hero, heroine, or both can be in some kind of law enforcement, spy agency, FBI, CIA, private or national security, PI, and more.

All stories must have a romantic suspense plot with erotic romance elements and HEA or HFN ending (no cliffhangers). The case has to be resolved, the BIG BAD dealt with, and the couple in love.

Important dates:

  • Kick off submission date: 5/31/2017
  • Kick off release date: TBA


  • Genre: Erotic romantic suspense
  • Subgenres: paranormal, contemporary, Sci-Fi, GLBT, and so on
  • Word count: 20 – 50K
  • Heat level: 4-5
  • Any menage pairings are acceptable (mfm, ffm, mmf, mmm, so on…)
  • Series with the series is encouraged.



Kismet is a matchmaking line.

In each story the main characters are brought together via a set-up of some kind. Either directly by a friend or family member or indirectly by a magical object, a spell, a stranger, family/friends going behind their backs, or how ever the author see fit. But it does have to have some kind of matchmaking going on.

We’re looking for sensual to scorching stories that grab the readers from page one and keeps them turning the page and begging for more.

Important dates:

  • Kick off submission date: 3/31/2017
  • Kick off release date: TBA



  • This is open to all sub-genres of romance, except YA and inspirational
  • Trope/theme used for the main plot: Matchmaking/set up
  • Word Count: 20k – 80k
  • Heat level: 3-5
  • Any menage pairings are acceptable (mfm, ffm, mmf, mmm, so on…)
  • Series with the series is encouraged.

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