Writing Wednesday: The query letter

dreamstime_xs_22035874What is a query letter? Well it’s the letter in the email to a publisher or agent that “sells” your book to them. It has about 9 important pieces of information the editors or agent needs to know about your story.

  1. The pitch or tagline: One to two sentences hook that grabs their attention (Stay tuned to the blog for the elements of a pitch). A tagline should include the theme of the love story, the trope(s) being used and the conflict. Now see why it needs it’s own post?
  2. The book title
  3. Genre
  4. If it’s part of a series (if so the series name) or a standalone
  5. The final word count (many publishers and agencies require the manuscript to be complete)
  6.  The book summery (a 250 or less back of book copy/blurb)
  7.  Brief bio about your writing experiences and published works
  8. Groups and organisations you are a member of
  9. Your contact information (legal name, pen name, address, phone number, email)


I created a template for myself to use. Of course I change it according to the publisher’s submission guidelines and the book being submitted. You are welcome to use this format or create your own based off the one below. This is a basic template. Some publishers have different requirements such as list of social media and a marketing plan. So always be sure to read the submission guidelines to ensure you are giving them what they want.


Query Letter Template


Dear Editorial Team,


[the book’s tagline/pitch]


[Book Title}, a [genre of book], is the first in a series titled [series title]. It is complete at a little over ____ words.


[book summary]


[writing/publishing bio] Below is my example:

I began my writing journey in 2008 and my first two books were published in 2012 with Decadent Publishing, LLC and Soul Mate Publishing. Since then I published two more title with Decadent Publishing and twenty-four titles as an independent author.

My current series and available titles can be found on my website: AuthorLiaDavis.com/Books ( I put this because I have over 25 book published and it looks better than a list of the 25+ books)

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and First Coast Romance Writers.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Legal name}

w/a Lia Davis


[address line 1]

[address line 2]

[phone number]

[email address]

[website URL]



One of the best blogs for more detailed information, examples, and to see critiques on query letters is the Query Shark.


Have a wonder Wednesday!



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